The 12 Brick Road

from by Nathan Ponzar



Feel like this, and feel like that.
Where the hell is normal at?
And if I saw it, could I even match the sight to memory?

Wish you may, and wish you might
Draw a new card out tonight,
But yur stuck with the 46 you started with and you end with.

Squirmin and squigglin like a scared bug
Between a cold rock and a very soft place,
And all the fans in the nose bleed stands are cursin at the call.
Like yur some big disgrace, cuz ya backed off the plate
From a wild pitch. Shoulda taken the hit.

Is there ever really a choice made,
Or just reflex response to pain?
Still not sure what role I played, but either way, my bed is made.

Follow, follow all the 12 brick road.
Chasin that wild goose goal
In the clothes of animal, and criminal, and role model.

Ya got a one size fits all plan.
Gunna make me a new man.
Like wrong and right's black and white, and you know which is which.
But good to me is to you bad, and that makes you mad.
But it's to each your own, cuz yur wearin the badge.


from Pop Vulture, released September 7, 2015




Nathan Ponzar

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