Reason in Rhyme

from by Nathan Ponzar



Ya stand in front of me.
One face in space.
Mesmerizin me.
I'm coverin my teeth.

Wherever I go your eyes they follow.
A still shot of a face lookin right down the scope.
And I wanna pretend...
Yur my baby girl.
We're livin in the same world,
And yur here to stay when you see my fangs.

"Why dontchya play some Dave Matthews?
Somethin with an upbeat groove.
Somethin I can get drunk to,
That won't make me feel like you."

"Why ya bringin me down with this down tempo sound?
Sac the honesty for a happy ending.
Unless ya got a gripe...
Everybody fights...
Some kinda average joe's plight...
Some reason to sway with a cigarette light."

Everybody dancin, band blastin, singin some dumb line, pullin pitch thru time,
But the look on yur face when ya sing makes it seem like there's a reason in yur rhyme,
And it moves the crowd to move.


from Pop Vulture, released September 7, 2015




Nathan Ponzar

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