In Ur Own Skin

from by Nathan Ponzar



Ppl say, you've got a soul inside that can override the body.
But all I see are physical Reactions playin by the rules.

You want me to take a P.O.S. and look at it like gold.
But even though the naked king is actin clothed, he still turns cold.

It don't matter how hard you try to keep it locked inside
It's gonna get through and show the real you.
Ya pull up the sides of your lips and fake it til you make it,
But it don't seem to fit, not one little bit,
And everyone can see it.

Yur down in the count, 0-2,
And the only thing ya can do is hit fowl balls,
And try to keep this sorry ass game alive,
So you don't dissapoint the bleachers.

And everyone's got a tip
To throw ya for the sad face you got, as if
It's just like 1, 2, 3 happy. And if ya aint done it yet,
Well you just must not want it bad enough, like it's some kinda choice that ya make.

Sometimes meanin well,
But sometimes just pissed off to find
Someone like me singin songs like these.
Lookin down with their noses up high,
Like feelin good's a crime
If it costs you somethin they don't have to spend
Safe inside their own skin.


from Pop Vulture, released September 7, 2015




Nathan Ponzar

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