Everyone, but you

from by Nathan Ponzar



Scratchin at yur chin
Side-eyed whisperin
At anybody who don't believe that they belong here.

This pseudoscience
Ex-drunk alliance
With a confirmation bias say you got the virus.

And there's no goin back
To human once yur a vamp.
Don't think about it just follow Prophet Wilson's code.

I'm bitin my tongue,
Closin my lips
While your movin yours down talkin anyone who's

More fucked up than you
or less fucked up than you,
Like they either had it comin or they don't deserve it.

Jibberin and jabberin.
Conversation dwindlin.
Shootin from the hip,
Can't help but talk shit.

And everyone but you went passed the edge,
Or else they must be a naive straight-edge.

Yur all around the table, voices low,
Ya don't want no eavesdroppers
Cuz your talkin shit tonight.

Yur mouth, it runs like a machine gun
That's pointed at anybody who
Copes different than you.


from Pop Vulture, released September 7, 2015




Nathan Ponzar

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