Pop Vulture

by Nathan Ponzar

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released September 7, 2015

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Nathan Ponzar.
Mastered by Cauliflower Audio.
Bass on 5 minutes in the past by Steven Andrich.
Art by Sean Arnold.




Nathan Ponzar

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Track Name: The 12 Brick Road
Feel like this, and feel like that.
Where the hell is normal at?
And if I saw it, could I even match the sight to memory?

Wish you may, and wish you might
Draw a new card out tonight,
But yur stuck with the 46 you started with and you end with.

Squirmin and squigglin like a scared bug
Between a cold rock and a very soft place,
And all the fans in the nose bleed stands are cursin at the call.
Like yur some big disgrace, cuz ya backed off the plate
From a wild pitch. Shoulda taken the hit.

Is there ever really a choice made,
Or just reflex response to pain?
Still not sure what role I played, but either way, my bed is made.

Follow, follow all the 12 brick road.
Chasin that wild goose goal
In the clothes of animal, and criminal, and role model.

Ya got a one size fits all plan.
Gunna make me a new man.
Like wrong and right's black and white, and you know which is which.
But good to me is to you bad, and that makes you mad.
But it's to each your own, cuz yur wearin the badge.
Track Name: 5 Minutes in the Past
Woke up from a dream last night,
Thought I traveled back in time.
Saw a friend of mine,
No talk or see long time.

The illusion was short-lived,
But left a feelin lastin.
Tossin and turnin.
Tryin to get back in.

Red hair, braces on yur teeth.
Sad eyes lookin back in mine
While I try to sing.
Swallowin feelins.

Sorry girl, but your wastin all my time.
Playin like a teenage kid,
or was I just chicken?
That sounds more like it.

So here we go on a roller coaster.
Up and down, upside down, and inside out
Til I'm stuck right smack dab where I started.

Woke up from a dream last night.
5 short minutes in the past
On the railroad tracks.
Hear the metal blast?

Red hair, braces on yur teeth.
Sad eyes lookin back in mine
Like right place but wrong time.

Bangin my head to my shitty music.
Feelin dizzy from the volume of it.
Got me thinkin maybe I aint dreamin.
Rubbin my eyes...
And openem to find 10 years gone by.
Track Name: The Recuvrin' King
He's huffin and puffin and foamin through his teeth.
Callin the shots from a comfy seat.
Wagin war against a captive enemy.

He's huffin and puffin and swingin for a K.O.
Kickin a down dog until he's soft as Play-Dough.
And if you block a punch, he'll shoot below the belt.

He's kissin ass up above,
And kickin the one down below.

And now everything that you ever done's on trial.
And if you aint done it, your in denial.
He'll paint ya black and white to dramatize your plight.

He's a big man of science if the facts back him up,
But it's all about faith if they spurn the big book.
He's cookin the truth to grow the roots of his sober mind.

He's kissin ass up above,
And kickin the one down below.
Track Name: In Ur Own Skin
Ppl say, you've got a soul inside that can override the body.
But all I see are physical Reactions playin by the rules.

You want me to take a P.O.S. and look at it like gold.
But even though the naked king is actin clothed, he still turns cold.

It don't matter how hard you try to keep it locked inside
It's gonna get through and show the real you.
Ya pull up the sides of your lips and fake it til you make it,
But it don't seem to fit, not one little bit,
And everyone can see it.

Yur down in the count, 0-2,
And the only thing ya can do is hit fowl balls,
And try to keep this sorry ass game alive,
So you don't dissapoint the bleachers.

And everyone's got a tip
To throw ya for the sad face you got, as if
It's just like 1, 2, 3 happy. And if ya aint done it yet,
Well you just must not want it bad enough, like it's some kinda choice that ya make.

Sometimes meanin well,
But sometimes just pissed off to find
Someone like me singin songs like these.
Lookin down with their noses up high,
Like feelin good's a crime
If it costs you somethin they don't have to spend
Safe inside their own skin.
Track Name: Everyone, but you
Scratchin at yur chin
Side-eyed whisperin
At anybody who don't believe that they belong here.

This pseudoscience
Ex-drunk alliance
With a confirmation bias say you got the virus.

And there's no goin back
To human once yur a vamp.
Don't think about it just follow Prophet Wilson's code.

I'm bitin my tongue,
Closin my lips
While your movin yours down talkin anyone who's

More fucked up than you
or less fucked up than you,
Like they either had it comin or they don't deserve it.

Jibberin and jabberin.
Conversation dwindlin.
Shootin from the hip,
Can't help but talk shit.

And everyone but you went passed the edge,
Or else they must be a naive straight-edge.

Yur all around the table, voices low,
Ya don't want no eavesdroppers
Cuz your talkin shit tonight.

Yur mouth, it runs like a machine gun
That's pointed at anybody who
Copes different than you.
Track Name: Liv in the dream
Mind is numb, body is numb. Smilin, twiddlin my thumbs.
Be anything you wanna be, or happy as nuthing.
Don't wanna try, don't wanna lose. One more time hittin the snooze.
Livin the dream, livin the dream. Life is good so it seems.

Face up with my back to the ground. Rain drops poolin up in my eyes like I'm underwater.

You come into view with your view eclipsin my view from my view, but your just passin through.

Jumpin out for a sky dive. Nerves joltin back to life.
Aliens watch while you drop, like ya deserve some big flop.
Butchya got a parachute. Wait, guess it's a balloon.
Back in the dream so it seems. Everything I see glistens and gleams.

Nail, paste, and stitch all the cracks in this circumstance so that it just might last one more day.
You come into view with your view eclipsin my view from my view but your just passin through.
Track Name: Reason in Rhyme
Ya stand in front of me.
One face in space.
Mesmerizin me.
I'm coverin my teeth.

Wherever I go your eyes they follow.
A still shot of a face lookin right down the scope.
And I wanna pretend...
Yur my baby girl.
We're livin in the same world,
And yur here to stay when you see my fangs.

"Why dontchya play some Dave Matthews?
Somethin with an upbeat groove.
Somethin I can get drunk to,
That won't make me feel like you."

"Why ya bringin me down with this down tempo sound?
Sac the honesty for a happy ending.
Unless ya got a gripe...
Everybody fights...
Some kinda average joe's plight...
Some reason to sway with a cigarette light."

Everybody dancin, band blastin, singin some dumb line, pullin pitch thru time,
But the look on yur face when ya sing makes it seem like there's a reason in yur rhyme,
And it moves the crowd to move.
Track Name: Waitin' for the Fun to Begin
I tried everything, but it looked like I gave up.
There just wasn't much to try.

If somehow ya saw before the draw where the chips fall,
Would you have played at all?

Strapped in the back seat, still half a sleep from the before.
Pulled outta the door.

The suit that I'm wearin is full of tears and unravelin.
And there aint no exchangin.

I'm settin my sights up ahead.
Waitin for the fun to begin.
Minimally existin.
3 years in hibernation.

Stuck under a cloud, rain pourin down metaphorically,
But also literally.

Turn the whole sky blue, make the whole world beam and glow.
Pay for it with a loan.

Ya can't repay it in time, but it's the last last-ditch to try.
Accumulatin a fine.

Refinance what you owe, now you're payin next to 0.
For like forever tho.

I'm settin my sights up ahead.
Waitin for the fun to begin.
Minimally existin.
3 years in hibernation.
Comin to as tho undead.